Optimizing How People Care For Their Pets

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Upload and arrange all of your pet's vital medical information so that you can easily access it at any time.

PetGuru streamlines and simplifies the organizational process for you, so that you are never confused about where your pet's most crucial health documents are located. Utilize PetGuru to receive digital Medical Forms or Prescriptions directly from your Vet.


Build a Personal PetCare Platform to reference and manage the way you maintain your pet's health and happiness.

Arrange and customize your PetGuru profile in the way that appeals to you! PetGuru provides an impressive visual display that best represents the unique relationship that you share with your pet.

Input your pet's recreational behaviors so that you can detail and monitor the way your pet likes to play.

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Easily share your PetGuru information with sitters so that your entrusted pet chaperones always know how to best treat your beloved companions.

Have multiple pets? No problem! Easily toggle between all of your furry family member profiles in just one click.

Always be in the know for ultimate peace of mind! PetGuru implements a Responsibility- Calendar and Owner Notification System. Sitters, PetCare Providers, Medical Specialist alike can update you when the required tasks you’ve outlined for your caretaker to complete are satisfied.

Sharing your PetCare instructions and guidelines with Sitters can take forever. Expedite the process via PetGuru by instantly sharing your preferred petcare practices in just a matter of clicks.
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We know how deep the bond between you and your pet runs.
We want to prepare you for pet medical emergencies.
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